Oct 2, 2007


So after that two day cliffhanger the answer is: I will keep posting on Graphic Apparatus. I'll try to get others in on it. Maybe Taylor or some other friends who draw, but mainly I'll be working on Mendoza. He does all the crazy adventures(like the time he talked to Lee[therapist]) and all the other starnge gambits he always ends up in. For now I'll just keep on keeping on. I have story pages I have to post and still a bunch more sketches(and if I ever get a deal to fucking publish I have a bunch of stuff I have held back because I don't want it stolen that can be shown). Everything is cool between Mendoza and I, he just works like 6 1/2 days a week or more so drawing is pretty tough.

Hopefully this(what I hope is a) sabatical will be of the sexual type. After all it's hard to draw when you're doing it(said in an unsavory voice).

For now, the readers will have to put up with a bunch more of my rambling, introspective, long rants that will never mean anything until I'm famous or dead. Wonderful.

This is a picture of my biggest crush this summer(which compared to last summer's draught is actually pretty amazing, I was doing something both right and absoletely wrong this summer) who I will never see again in anything other than what will surely be an awkward situation. Yeah, she was mentioned in a previous post. And yes, Lee is keeping her warm. And yes, I am creepy and alone.

If it gives me any points I didn't draw her until I never saw her again.

Shit, I just thought of a funny story. Once she sat with me and asked to see my drawings. I showed her a bunch(careful to flip quickly past my Batman fetish) and she liked them. Suddenly the flipping stops on a picture of someone that looks a bunch like her. I stutteringly explain that I'm bad at likenesses before I realize it totally looks like her and have to backtrack and explain of course I was just drawing someone who looked like her but not her(but if I am so bad you woulnd't be able to tell the difference anyway, arghh, headache).

And no this picture isn't the one she saw. This is an obscured pic of her(to keep her identity secret, "but Adrian I thought you were bad at likenesses?", you say, okay I did it like this so I don't have to try to make it look like her, jeez)



Chris Mendoza said...

Over 800 hits? Commenting and not drawing?

I was going to suggest getting Taylor or someone else to post here, so I'm glad you thought of it. In no way do I feel like you're kicking my dead corpse, but you would probably do that in real life anyway.

Your stories about Lees and Original continue to be entertaining even though I've repeatedly told you to move on. At least, the topic still provides subject matter for drawings like the one in this post. Her head is a little too big, but so is the head on that Giada on Food Network. And we all know she looks okay regardless. Still, I want to reiterate that I didn't have a conversation with Lee while you were powdering your nose in your car and getting whatever it was that you left in there.

I like how you had to say that things are still okay between us, like people would assume that we had it out at a bar or are no longer speaking. I can only hope that the viewers who come here care about us that much, that an explaination like yours isn't wasted.

Well, keep up the good work, Rivero. Maybe we can limit all our communication to blog comments...no more phone calls or emails. Haha! You'd like that, you jerk.

Adrian Rivero said...

"I can only hope that the viewers who come here care about us that much, that an explaination like yours isn't wasted."

Remember, people will love all this shit when we're dead or famous. They'll look for clues on while we did that murder suicide or why you shot a humongous hole in your face the size of Lyndsay Lohan's pussy.


Chris Mendoza said...

What the hell? I like how this went from PG-13 to whatever usually comes out of our mouths. I'm okay with that. It will be good to have a place where we can just let it out, but Lohan's lower regions? Jeezus.

"...clues on while we did..." I think you meant "why." Rivero: spell check your shit, so some annoying fanboy/fangirl who wants to be a know-it-all doesn't get the satifaction of telling us that we can't put letters together in the correct order. Well, I know there's spell check on the post interface. The comments are more forgiveable.

Please read the email that I sent a few minutes ago.

Chris Mendoza said...

Are you still online? If so, we should keep this comment thread going, so people feel the need to chime in. Well, you're probably back at the drawing table, and that's why you post and I don't. I need to learn my lesson and get on with things, get back to drawing. It's time to stop working seven days a week, too.

Why did you say when I'm dead and you're famous? That's fucked up.

Adrian Rivero said...

Oh...I meant to write that. Yeah. I meant that they would be trying to figure out why we killed all those innocent losers while we are doing it but to late to stop the suicide part. Yeah.

Adrian Rivero said...

Oh I am online now because Pron is calling my name(don't use spell check). And the who is dead or famous thing is interchangable. Depends on who killed who first.

Chris Mendoza said...

I want all of our beautiful, female readers (and everyone, for that matter) to know that we're not really murderous, suicidal maniancs. We're actually quite charming, and girls like Rivero's eyebrows.

Rivero: do you like how I set up Blogger to send you emails every time comments are posted? That'll keep you busy.

Maybe Original is reading this...or maybe Lee is. That would be pretty amazing for one of them to stumble upon this blog and put two and two together. (waiting for dirty comment about putting things together...)

Chris Mendoza said...

Interchangeable? All right. I can accept that. When all is said and done, I don't need to live until I'm 95 anyway. Every day would just be pills and aches of some kind and forgetting what comics I drew.

Of course, I did see a couple on the news who had been married for 80 years, and there was something nice about that.

Chris Mendoza said...

All right. Finish those pages that you're working on, and I'll get to reading the Iron Fist annual. Issue 9 was pretty awesome. I think you should draw Iron Fist.

Also, I heard some podcast interview with Dan Brereton. I should ask him about that the next time I see him.

Adrian Rivero said...

Dude, when I'm 95 I'm gonna be banging some virtuel grils like there is no tomorrow. Hell, I'll probably be trying to die doing that.

Truth is that my be all I get till I'm 95 after writing that.

Adrian Rivero said...

Actually I think I am a murdering maniac, I'm just to busy doing stupid shit like watching pron, playing x-box, drawing, and fawning over women, to get down to the nitty gritty. See, all that creepiness and loneliness is saving the world. Wow.

Adrian Rivero said...

I'll take request. You hear that dear viewer? I'm gonna draw Iron Fist because someone in the comments section asked. Generous.

Adrian Rivero said...

Read some of the stuff I just wrote and holy hell I can't spell(I can rhyme though). I just lost the goodwill of our only two subscribers. Oh well.

Chris Mendoza said...

Can blog comments be used in court? If so, I'll do my best to keep you out of prison, but this stuff is going to be a goldmine for the prosecution.

With 12 comments, that should peak people's interest enough. Maybe they'll just tell us to stop commenting on our own blog and get back to drawing because we need the practice. That would be harsh but quite true.

I'm going to email you something in the next few minutes, so I'll say goodbye here for now...even though I already said that in my last comment and look where we are.

Adrian Rivero said...

"look where we are."

In heaven, ladies and gentlemen. And with that I bid you all a fond farewlel(how could I resist).


Chris Mendoza said...

Damn. I'm still reading because I looked over and saw 14 Comments.

That lucky viewer should get the Iron Fist sketch. I should've choose Anonymous under the identity menu, but it's too late now for that ruse.

I'm having an aweful vision of 100 Comments and wondering what the hell happened to our common sense.

Stop baiting me to leave more comments Rivero or it's your badge and gun!

Chris Mendoza said...

"I'm gonna draw Iron Fist because someone in the comments section asked. Generous."

I just got that this was a David Brent moment.

Okay. Now, I'm really turning this machine off.