Oct 15, 2007

Weird Paper

Finished inking a 9 page story for my own anthology. Unfortunately it is not the story I am sending in for approval(it's too weird and sick). I am working on an 11 page story on 14x21 size. My usual size is the standard 10x15, so this may take a while. Although there technically shouldn't be more stuff, it should just look clearer since I am more comfortable drawing big. This is not an excuse to fill the panels with more information although it is hard not to.

I drew this picture in pencil inside of Peet's, but they were closing so Mendoza and I got Pizza. I painted it there. Mendoza was about to pound the guy behind the counter for not knowing what the fuck anchovies were. He was pissed(and I was pretty pissed too because the guy was obviously a rapist) but I soothed Mendoza by explaining the guy was just a harmless idiot(even though his personality dictates he has a beautiful woman waiting for him at home who he treats like shit). The pizza wasn't worth it but I did finish this picture there. Done with pencil, white charcoal, and acrylic ink(which is too thin for this paper which soaks up at least 50% of it. I should have used real acrylic with low viscosity. Oh well, you learn something new everyday. ). I didn't know whether to darken the paper or lighten it to either bring out the highlights or show shadow. It is very confusing just the concept of what to do on this paper. It's called Kraft Pad(or Kraft paper I assume). It isn't a great picture but it is my first on that paper. Next time I'll do better.

I hope to finish the rough cut of my movie this week with the approved music(as in I don't have to pay for the music). After tht I send it to Paul to edit the little things that I may have messed up on(I'm literally talking less than a second cuts that could be trimmed differently and better by an expert at editing). I am the guy who is cutting the scenes into bits and picking which camera shots to go with. I am also pretty relentless when it comes to cutting my own dialogue(which is the great thing about having also written it, I am the only one who can complain about what was cut, in terms of dialogue). Then it gets sent to Doug to fix any audio problems and smooth the parts where the audio wasn't suffiecient or was lacking. Then I get it back and probably end up editing it a little bit more since I'll have had some time away from it. Then it is ready to send to film festivals.

I saw Eastern Promises yesterday and it was fucking great. It was an excellent follow up to A History Of Violence. And Viggo Mortnesen was super great. He didn't do any hollywood leading man bullshit. He was just awesome and you couldn't believe that he would have a fight scene naked. The movie was very original in its conclusion and you have the feeling it came from a book rather than a screenplay because it doesn't have anywhere near the normal ending for a gangster movie.

Saw Wrong Turn 2 and holey shit was that first scene gross and messed up.

Saw Roger Dodger and wonder how everyone in that movie isn't getting paid to do all the best movies. Cambell Scott gave a performance that I would never have seen coming. The kid was great. Jennifer Beals was facinating as an older romantic lead for the kid(in a way). Elizabeth Berkeley was very sweet and did great. Issabella Rosselini is as always great. The plot was excellent and never took the easy way out. The ending was not what I expected and I am glad for that because I thought it almost had to end in a cliche way. It didn't. The direction was perfect. Part voyeuristic but not too much. It made you feel like you were the kid but also made you feel like you were watching something intimate. Big plus, it had the hottest woman ever in the form of the Wonder Woman girl from Serenity and Firefly. Amazing that this is overlooked and these people are not working enough.



Chris Mendoza said...

Iron Fist! Like both images.

Will rent Roger Doger.

Too late for a complete comment...

Chris Mendoza said...

Where's the inked Iron Fist?

Roger Dodger was great. I'll end up being that kind of uncle.