Oct 10, 2007

New Trailer

Adrian will probably write more about this cut of the trailer, but he sent me this new info. The link in the sidebar is updated, too. Enjoy!


Adrian Rivero said...

Thanks for putting that in there and everything. I'd like to burn the letter's H,T,M, and eventually L out of my brain. They make it so the man part doesn't stand up.

Chris Mendoza said...

You're welcome, Rivero. I didn't actually do much, and I thought you'd write more in this post.

Is this HTML thing about posting on message boards where they make it difficult to add an image? I can't remember if you ever solved that problem from a couple of weeks ago.

Adrian Rivero said...

I did. I asked in a post and someone said that Blogspot doesn't allow hotlinking or some such shit. So I uploaded to Image Shack and lo and behold.... This message is brought to you by Blogspot.

Chris Mendoza said...

Hotlinks sound goood right about now. I think there's some Cajun sausage in my fridge right now.

Glad you got those pages up.