Oct 11, 2007

That's MY trailer

I shouldn't be so snotty when I say "my". I've come to notice that anybody who says "I" or "my" like they contain two syllables has a serious attitude and are high maintenance. "I-ii am gonna have my-yi baby no matter what my momma says", you hear 14 year old girls on Maury say.

Well right now the trailer below is my baby. Well, actually it's the pacifier. But it's proof my baby exists. Yeah, she'll come to disappoint me and make me feel like I should have been a better parent, but I made her and I finally made some mark on this world. Right now the movie clocks in at an hour and twenty five minutes. It could end up being a few minutes shorter since I cannot stand anything that makes me bored about it. There is a lot of killing, and gross stuff. Plus some weird humor by Doug Clarke(co-creator) and I. I am very proud of some lines I wrote for Paul Gordon's(the villian) character. I created a weird ass guy and Paul basically embodied him. I'm really close to the last edit. Very excited.

I drew Pheonix because she has a cool costume and you know she's hot if Wolverine and Cyclops can both lust after her. I know she'd never sleep with Wolvie though(like in that stupid Ult. X-men story) because once you go Wolvie you never go back.



Chris Mendoza said...

"...because once you go Wolvie you never go back." We had people checking out your posts and now you probably lost them. Great job!

I'm so glad I can't hear that stupid voice keeping her baby.

Please hurry and finish the final cut of the movie. We clean up your house a little, put scented candles here and there, buy lots of beer and other good stuff, and finally get Original to confess her... wait. What about ____(can't remember the code name for the second one)? Did she call you yet?

Why don't I just call you? Stupid blog comments...

Adrian Rivero said...

"Why don't I just call you?"

Because you went Wolvie.

Chris Mendoza said...

"Because you went Wolvie."

Why am I even going to comment on that?

Shake that eightball again.