Oct 19, 2007

A couple of airport sketches

Still haven't kept up with posting here or on my other blog. Haven' even drawn all that much thanks to work, reading, and watching some movies here at home.

These were done in Denver, I think, while we waited for our delayed flight. Relatives told me that there was a bomb scare at Oakland (where I was flying to), but I didn't know that as my cousin drove me to the airport.

The two bald heads that you see here are obviously two different people at the same gate, so I was surprised at how shiny both of them were. I didn't really make that clear with the five minute PS coloring job on these, but believe me, you'd want to have a pair of sunglasses around these two gentlemen. I didn't realize how still some people sit while waiting for their flight while others fidget a lot, and move around like a sugared four year old.

I also noticed that ever since I downloaded the latest driver for my scanner, the shadow in the gutter of the sketchbook is more pronounced. My sketchbooks aren't any thicker, so I don't know why this is happening. If you look at my drawing from inside the plane, a lot of info is actually lost. I'll figure it out when I have the time.

Again with the shiny, bald head. Wouldn't you guys just shave it all off at this point?? I would if I were that bald. I'd look funny, but I'd rather have no hair than have a comb over or something like these two guys.


....I feel like I should have written more to fill up this space here...

...nothing else really...Oh, that podcast called Word Balloon is interesting. There's a lot of time at my job for music and podcasts, so I've heard a few interviews with different comics creators.


Adrian Rivero said...

When you call people shiny it reminds me of people who go into the desert and become spiritual or they are dying and they find crystals. I think we need to bring shiny into our vocabulary more like we did with Lee(and how I call those fuckers rapists). Like you saw their aura or something.

"I saw Jennifer Lopez and her assistant buying Spanks shaping sockings at Macy's. It was so wonderful and they were so shiny. I wish I had their sense of wonderment at the world. I imagined the life they must lead and could only think that their eyes must constantly be welling up with tears at the fascinating things they see. Her assistant suggested a fuscia pair of Spanks and Lopez smacked her across the face with a closed fist, thus drawing blood. But the look on the assistan'ts face(as she held a tiny umbrella over Jenny on the blocks head indoors) said how much she admired Lopez and knew that their relationship of Mentor to Apprentice was one that was shiny like glitter."

Adrian Rivero said...

Oh, and I liked the colors a lot. I really need to start doing that.

And Iron Fist is so close to being finished. I just was behind on some pages(and mad at how slow I am, seriously I was fuming last night). I've been pissed at my pencils in general and decided to experiment with different approaches. I'm talking like camera angles, atmosphere, and level of realism(the worst part of my art in my opinion). Sometimes I have to just start over from scratch(so to speak) and relearn how to do things because I taught myself incorrectly.

You need to teach me to color. That is a huge thing I need to learn. I think people are still turned off by black and white unless they know the artist already.

Chris Mendoza said...

I really should be out buying new headlights and installing them before leaving for work, but I couldn't resist a reference to Jenny on the Block. I don't know if Spanks is a real brand, but I'm going to stay ignorant of the whole thing. Shiny...hmm...

I don't know what I can actually teach you about color. All the school stuff has kind of melted into a corner of my brain, and I don't know how often I actually visit it. Thanks though. In all honestly, those colors (and all the stuff in PS) are chosen without much thought. There are some really good artists out there that we could both learn so much from, so we should make a list of people broken down by their strengths. We'll compare lists soon.

I'd better go. Spread the Shine, Rivero. Bring peace.

Chris Mendoza said...

Headlights in my car replaced. Thought I wouldn't have time.

Forgot to say that we're almost at 1000 hits!

Now, the exciting journey to work...