Oct 23, 2007

Iron Fist/Book Reviews/Mac

Mendoza requested I draw Iron fist and I did. I think it is a good drawing, although it is weak in several respects. I obviously tried to cover up some weaknesses in effects and details. But, at a visceral level I like it a lot. I'm thinking of painting the original sketch I drew in my sketch book. It's a little different and maybe it can give me the chance to draw a simpler more powerful design. I have a Vampirella sketch fully pencilled and ready to be inked.

My days have been increasingly dull and uneventful. The ladies have all but disappeared from my life. Tv is actually getting boring for me(I find good stuff, ask anyone). The books have been all right.

Marcelo Frusin drew an amazingly cool annual of Wolverine that he colored himself. It is stunning with an original, yet realistic pallette. J.H. Williams(who I still need some original art from) drew three issues of Batman that were the best that comic has seen in decades(aside from the wonderful Batman Black And White series). Tomm Coker finally came back and drew an issue of the Ride that kicked ass and has an issue of Moon Knight coming out that is rad. After the Western he did a while back this is a good year for him. So comics have been good this last half a year.

I finished Steven King's the Dark Tower. The first four books were inspired madness. The last three, even when they got violent were okay at best, and sometimes flat out filler(the violence was the only thing keeping me awake because the plot was useless). In the last few pages he makes a good point that the end of the story isn't the important part. It's getting there. The journey. Unfortunately he fucked that up. And luckily the last twoo closing chapters were great. Otherwise all that made up languige stuff was super irritating.

Reading Last Call by Tim Powers right now. It is fucking great so far. It's like a magical realism take on poker playing useing tarot cards(he even made up really cool way of playing called Assumption). And people are embodiments of ancient gods and figures. Bugsy Siegel is the Fisher King. Another dude is the Green Knight. Not literally, just in a sense. And all kinds of things can be divined by poker, cards, tarot cards, astrology, luck, and chaos physics. It's really cool and crazy and smart. Like a comprehensible Gravities Rainbow. I read it because I thought tarot cards were cool as clues to very old archetypes and meanings that have lasted for centuries(I'm not into them for all the mystical crystal bullshit new spirituality). I always thought that Joseph Campbell(scholar on achetypes and myths) really missed something by skipping the meaning of the cards and why they have lasted so long(hell I can see parallels to even Star Wars in cards[the Old Man, the Magician, the Fool, The Knights]).

Also read The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. One of the coolest main characters I've read in a while who only wants one thing: Revenge. He lives in future where people can teleport by will so prisons are underground and in the dark. He has this huge tattoo on his face that makes him look like a tiger. One character is so irradiated that no one can be in a room with him for more than five minutes. And the novel has a Dues Ex Machina that actually is good. Excellent and it still holds up after fifty years.

The abduction drama from the BBC and now on HBO called Five Days is very well written. Just when I thinnk its going to be lazy and cliche it goes somewhere completely different and uncharted. Only five episodes. Recommended.

I apparently have an unhealthy obsession with Mac(the make up company) counter girls. My sister has figured it out and uses it as an excuse to make me go there and buy her make up all the time. I'm a sucker for women who know hot to wear make up. I went out with a girl once who all the counter girls just loved(because she was one of their own, a hot semi-goth girl).

The cat is my cat Bean. I did it with Gesso on the black cover of my old sketchbook. I intended to color the eyes but never did. She use to belong to an ex girlfriend but now the cat loves me more than anything else in the world.


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