Oct 27, 2007

Of Mud Sharks and Zeppelins

The title is a reference to a crazy story that supposedly happened involving some famous people, a big fish, and a groupie. On drawing Jam over at the Drawing Board:
(not work safe)
The picture is all right. Once you do something on this kind of paper it's really hard to fix it. The face didn't capture the the girls face and I drew the whole thing while watching Hostel 2. Acrylic paint and white charcoal on cardboard paper(just brown construction paper). My next one is way better. This girl is laying in mud, hence part of the name.

I'll get into Hostel 2 later. The main girl is Fantasticus. In other news, Mary Elizabeth Winstead is not going to be Wonder Woman. Cobie Smulders(one of the better names on the planet earth) isn't either. Why do I care? Because I have a vested interest in any girl who looks like Wonder Woman or is smoking hot(or in the case of Cobie, smuldering hot...sorry).

I have to get my Blade Runner paintings ready for the DVD coming out. It's my all time favorite movie.

Maybe this is lame, but I went and saw a Weezer cover band that was actually note perfect. That was after the Cure cover band who was pretty good. And a wierd Duran Duran cover band. It was fun. I'm a sucker for cute girls in costumes(thank you, kittens of SF, Dorothy from Kansas, Qouthe Keon:"I'm never seen a Dorothy who wasn't hot" ). Good sushi boat food. Clement street, SF.


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