Dec 1, 2007

Blade Runner Day 1, Fluorescent Silhouettes

I know it was released yesterday. I just decided to start this event on the 1st. The event? 25 Blade Runner posts for December. The most we(Mendoza and I) have ever posted. Maybe I can pull it off. Maybe not. We'll see. I'm sure I'll miss a day for some reason or other. But I'll try not to. Whatever happens, shitty picture or good I want to do 25(like my cut off age for girls I date. I kid, I kid....even though it generally is true. I was interested in that Cougar last week so give me a break).

This is all to celebrate the 25th anniversary of my favorite movie ever, Blade Runner. I could explain a million reasons why I love it(and I have gone off about it plenty of times before now), but I felt that just drawing it would do more to show my feelings than anything else.

I drew this about two weeks ago as an experiment in putting down water color over pencils and then inking and putting down white paint. I drew a much better, tighter picture but as I put the paint down the lines disappeared along with the subtlety and beauty. It still has a nice feel. Just, it seems to be kind of clumsy. Blur your eyes it might look better. The lower one is what it looked like about half way through. I obviously didn't use any reference, which really hurts the piece. My other pieces at least use a little reference. Some are even frames from the movie(although in a style that adds instead of just copies, I hope). So lets see how this goes.

Last girl I tried to date was 21. The girl before that was 25. I really have to catch up to my own age, but I was going the wrong direction. I'm still supposed to take the 21 year old out. She's fun. And I think there are sparks. But I could be wrong. I was kind of a dick. I turned her down when she called me back to hang out after initially canceling. I at least have to make up for that. I've had a lot of people do that to me so I was stand offish, not in what I said, but in my own head, and by canceling when she wanted to hang out the same night. She deserves better than that.


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