Dec 20, 2007

BR 2A: Rachel

I remember a teacher in college bringing in a book called The Pencil by Paul Calle. That guy did amazing stuff and probably made the most boring reference exciting.

Rachel from BR had such an interesting look. What was the last good movie Sean Young did? Looking at IMDB, things are looking too good. Rivero: recommendations? Now, I'm just writing filler, too.

I have to go to work, so I'll draw more later.



Adrian Rivero said...

There is something about her eyes you really captured.

Adrian Rivero said...

You should really check out No Way Out with kevin Costner and Gene Hackman and Rachel(she is just Rachel). It's a great movie. She's super cute in Dune. Also my imaginary movie where she plays catwoman.

Chris Mendoza said...

Kevin Costner is enough to keep me away from any movie. AND YES... I couldn't even stomach The Untouchables which is way overrated even with De Niro, Connery, and Garcia. People who like that movie feel they have to because of all the names associated with it.

wonton said...

This makes me NEED that new bluray boxset

Chris Mendoza said...'s that other comment, wonton. Thanks. Forget what I said on the other post.

I don't own the dvds yet either. It must look so good on blu ray...not that I have any HD players. Santa gave me coal after all.