Dec 9, 2007

Blade Runner Day 9, Tyrell

Finally had a prolonged chance to draw today and get a head start on some of these pictures so I don't fall behind like I did on Day 7. I was so hopped up on caffeine my hands were shaking. I forgot to eat, bought a lemonade at the coffee shop and got a free triple espresso, after already having a redline(crazy caffeine drink). I was really messed up and had to stop drawing half way through with Mendoza because I was wigging out. I ate, went home, watched the Alec Baldwin part of Glengarry Glen Ross, watched my theatrical version of Blade Runner on dvd(a special e-bay narrated version, and I will go into detail about that version in a later post). I finally got to add some paint to what is becoming one of my favorite Blade Runner pieces(hey, no one else is complementing them so I have to, otherwise I'd quit drawing). I hope to post that one around day 12 or 15, unless I am running out of time.

This one is Tyrell, the mysterious genius behind the Tyrell corporation that made the replicants. "More Human Than Human" is the company slogan. Great actor who I'm pretty sure was the bartender in The Shining. He has a great scene with both Ford, and Haur at different pivotal moments in the movie. His scene with Rutger Haur is so symbolic and really harkens back to greek myths and bible stories. He is god to the replicants and when confronted by one he looks at him like a work of art. Plus he has that cool owl and Rachel just running around that awesome Pyramid being cool. Just think about that, there is a niece of his running around looking like Rachel. Just being hot and awesome all day doing nothing. God. I want to meet that fictional niece.

Anyway, after that sojourn through my sick imagination, I have to say that I drew this on cardboard paper with Ink, White paint, Yellow paint, Red paint, brush and micron pen. That is supposed to be one of the pyramids in the movie. If you haven't seen the movie that doesn't look at all like a pyramid.

Tyrell uses that cool saying in the movie. "The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long". I love that saying and find it is usually true. Probably why I like younger women. I'm already burned out. I need someone to sap energy from. Or life force. Or brain juice.


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