Dec 17, 2007

Blade Runner Day 17, I Make Eyes

I barely scratched by today because I had a couple of paintings I didn't want to rush, so I did this ink drawing of James Hong as Hannibal, the eye maker. He is a great character who does a lot in his brief couple of minutes in the movie. I drew this with a brand new Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pen, my dry brush and for once, no white paint. Most of those details are actually accurate.

I have a brand new picture on my wall, and it is fucking huge. 1X6 feet. It is right above my computer and I feel so special because I have it. It is the however many page spread that Geof Darrow did in Shaolin Cowboy's first issue. I'll take a picture and post it. Fucking amazing.

I had quite a day today. Through sheer coincidence I was around the girls of past, present, and future. I ran into three in person, got an e-mail from another, and, just to push my luck after an eventful day, called up another. And then hit on two others. Mendoza had warned me that anytime you get a bad haircut you automatically become a chick magnet. He was right. Basically I can't go into more details without pissing off some, embarrassing others, and just spoiling the rest. The other day I realized as honest as I am on this blog I only really disclose like 1/3 of what happens to me. Mainly out of a plethora of reasons. I'd look bad, I'd look egotistical(I know, I already do), And I'd have a chronicle of shit I'd rather people didn't know about me good and bad. I kind of made a pledge to do that anyway, but there are limits. And this is one of those limits. So, I had a great day but the truth of it I will only divulge to people I know really well. I kind of hate that fact, but it's the way life is. Honesty fucks you sometimes. Sometimes you fuck honestly(I just said that because it sounds cool).


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