Dec 18, 2007

Blade Runner Day 18, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

I painted this on watercolor paper with acrylic ink and gesso, and rapidograph pen. The ink rough is available in an earlier post. Day 6, I think. I have the finished one up top and the one and a half hours until finished one down below.

Took me like 4 hours to get a hold of the "briefcase". The special 5 disc version of Blade Runner. It came out today. I've literally waited almost a decade and a half for this. They had the theatrical version on video for about ten years. Then the directors cut came out. People pretty much took the original off the shelves, and, while it works(the directors cut) it was not to my liking. Blade Runner has always been what I saw in the theatre and on tv and on cable and on video for that first decade. That was what I wanted. When dvd came out they came out with the directors cut yet again. I was fucked.

I bought Future Noir, the book that chronicles the making of the movie and almost all the trivia you could want(except anything by Harrison Ford since he hated the movie). I found out that there were multiple versions of the movie. Now I was really fucked.

Then, after enough time had passed I learned to accept Blade Runner the directors cut for what it was. I still thought it was very flawed(and funnily enough I thought the theatrical version was totally flawless, again something I'll have to go in to in detail later). But not having the other versions and the fact that certain scenes were floating around like legends(the Holden and Deckard meeting scene and others).

Finally, this year it was confirmed(although rumors had abounded for a long time). The new DVD would be the king of all dvd's. And then they confirmed that not only would you have all the old versions, but the new version too. I wrote about the new version in the 3rd post. I loved it and I finally was okay with the famous unicorn scene. I finally had a real directors cut. I finally had the only real flaw of all the previous versions(Zhora running through the glass) erased and replaced.

Finally, I am happy with my favorite movie. Finally I get a documentary about it. Finally I get the fixes. Finally I get all versions. Finally, it is literally perfect.

Today, I am truly happy.


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