Dec 11, 2007

Blade Runner Day 11, Zhora

I have the next 7 or so of these planned out. Maybe more. I will be doing more obscure characters and repeating others. Plus I will do some of the more famous scenes(not in a copy of what was on the screen but in an interpretation). Mendoza requested a picture of the Spinner flying over the city and that is coming up. It's my favorite so far, although I have big plans for the last two posts. I think I'll also be updating some older posts that I felt were a little weak. Just because I'm a completeist.

I asked the 21 year old out again. See, no hard feelings. We'll probably have to just be friends. Since she didn't kiss me(even though I did my one smooth move for the winter and it demanded a kiss, anyone would have thought so). We'll hang out after finals. Heh. That just made me laugh. Finals.

This is a picture of Zhora, the violent stripper with the replicant snake(all the animals are replicants). Deckard shoots her in the back and seriously regrets it. I remember when I first saw that movie(in the theatre when I was very very young, my parents also took me to Alien incidentally, so now you know why I am fucked up, I dreamed about it for years and almost believed I made it up), I felt really weird that Deckard was shooting a woman, who was running, in the back. In fact the only people he kills in the movie are women. Leon is killed by Rachel and Rutger Haur(he is both the character and the actor to me) dies of old age. He even seemingly brings the gun to Rachel's head at the end when he is really taking the covers off of her to see if she is alive.

I drew this on red paper. Used Green and White paint and ink. I may color her hair brown later. It's funny that if you are going to use this much color you might as well just paint on white paper. The colors would have been a little more even and fixing mistakes would have been infinitely easier. But I set out on this road.

When Deckard comes in to investigate Zhora he pretends to be looking for holes with which to see her in her dressing room(which is weird since she is on stage "taking pleasure from the snake").

Deckard: You'd be surprised at the lengths some guys would go to to see the female body.
Zhora: (looking at Deckard with an ironic smirk)Actually, I wouldn't.


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