Dec 12, 2007

Blade Runner Day 12, Deckard Pattern

I didn't want to post another Deckard picture for a little bit(I was eventually gonna post another anyway, of course, just not so soon), but here is another I was working on. I wanted to do something in the vein of Paolo Serpieri. His inking style is very unique. He usually draws dirty european comics but he is fucking great, so I wanted to try his style. I used to ink kind of like this anyway. Before I switched to dry brush, which saved me a bunch of time(although I found this took me very little time). I got the latest Heavy Metal magazine where he had a pretty long story(more than 60 pages!!!). It kind of sucks but his art is some of the best around. This also is inspired by a very Deckard like drawing in my office by Geof Darrow of his Blade Runner-like character Nixon in one of my favorite comics ever, Hard Boiled.

Geof Darrow kicks so much fucking ass. Anyway, I wanted tyo draw a full body Deckard and I didn't want to copy Darrow(not that I really could) so I did Serpieri's style. This whole thing probably took me about 3-4 hours. Maybe 5.

I am of course a fool for posting a Darrow drawing next to my own but I am proud of it and it sits above my computer. Incidentally I was sitting outside of the San Diego Convention center when Mendoza shot this. And Olivia Munn(drool) was within my eyeline(at least her ass was...don't blame me, it's true). To paraphrase Ice Cube, that day was a good day.

I also bough a five foot long print of Shaolin Samurai by Darrow to have framed in my office. It's that 8 or 10 page spread he did in the first issue. It is really amazing.


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