Dec 21, 2007

Blade Runner Day 21, City Streets

Acrylic ink on cardboard paper.

The street scenes in the movie are amazing. One thing that Ridley Scott does really well is crowd scenes. Even now he does them great(I'm talking about American Gangster). Blade Runner, though, has some of the most amazing street scenes ever. Everyone looks unique and realistic. Everything is neon lit and busy. It looks super real.

I don't have much to say and I am really behind because I went to a party last night, then came home and drank. I had a hangover today. That kind where you spend the rest of the day feeling like really drunk and woozy. It sucked. So Saturday will have to be my catch up day.

This one girl I keep running into is kicking my ass. She has a boyfriend so I really need to let it go. But shes like a new friend and she is an artist and she is cool and blah blah blah I want her. Fuck it. She's too young anyway. I really shouldn't like anyone more than ten years younger than me. I need to be careful what I write. I know she reads this sometimes. Maybe I'm talking about someone else. Maybe you're not who I mean. Yeah, that's it.


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