Dec 10, 2007

Blade Runner Day 10, Rachel Let's Her Hair Down

A wonderful moment in Blade Runner is the moment that Rachel takes down her hair and plays piano in Deckard's apartment. Very simple and elegent and beautiful. I also love it at the end where she has that huge fur coat(even though I generally hate fur coats).

This doesn't look too much like her but it gets what I feel about the character at the end. My slight buck tooth fetish is showing here. I drew this with ink brush and crow-quill. I later used dry brush over the majority of the crow-quill inked fur coat.

It's cool that Xbox has the theatrical cut of Blade Runner to rent, but it's not so cool that their transfer is worse than my bootleg dvd. Of course all this will be obsolete in a week or two when the box set comes out with every version in crystal clarity.

I think I need a young swedish au pair to take care of stuff at home. Or just to have sex with. I remember going up to some rich houses and passing a bunch of freedom loving european hot chicks tooling around in an SUV. I asked who they were. They were various au pairs in the neighborhood who had were done taking care of several families kids. This is either my dream or the dream of every rich man in a mansion.

I'm just telling it like it is here.


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