Dec 22, 2007

Blade Runner Day 22, Dangerous Days

I saw the documentary, my sister is in the hospital, and I didn't catch up on drawing like I said. The last post I just updated like 20 hours after finishing the drawing. I will have something here in the next few hours. Obviously life is a little bit important at the moment. That's what happens when you raise a kid all by yourself. Anyway, she's fine, she's in surgery as I write this, and tomorrow she'll be much better.

The surgery went well. She is okay and I'll probably pick her up tomorrow. They took out her appendix with needles(?). I am very very sleep deprived. Last night as she was throwing up(I thought she had food poisoning) we watched Dangerous Days, the Blade Runner Documentary. It is great and very detailed. I have read Future Noir the book about Blade Runner and still this documentary had all kinds of stuff I didn't know about. It is astounding how much editing took place at the script level, shooting level, and then post production. So much was cut out. So much was shot. So much dialogue was re-written or cut(and what they showed was in my opinion pretty bad ie:the majority of the voice over lines, Gaff's speech in the end is super blunt, and Roy Batty's speech was way over the top but Rutger Hauer made up the lines that made it in the movie which were so much better). And the level of detail behind the effects is like nothing I've seen.

I finished watching the movie at 5AM with my sister vomiting and shaking in pain. She went to bed so I went to bed. 3 hours later she says she is feeling an intense pain so we go to the ER. 8 hours later they figure out it may be her appendix. An hour later she goes into surgery. I'm literally passing out. I get an hour of sleep and then get an update from the doctor that it all went well. An hour after that(now we're at around 9PM) I talk to my sister. All she can say is it was good and now she wants to sleep.

I drew these sketches when I got home. The pages were done about a week and a half ago and I've been adding to them since. These are the layout stages. I did do tight pencils which I will include in the final post with inks and hopefully dialogue(cross my fingers). I decided to show all this since I am late, tired, and have no time to give more.
I haven't gone christmas shopping. I have no tree and I kind of fucked up the whole holiday. I'm gonna have to seriously pull something huge out my ass to save this.

See how bad I can fuck everything up? I told you so.


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