Dec 2, 2007

Blade Runner Day 2, Eyes Like Animals

I drew this one because I wanted to specifically draw the moment where Deckard eyes reflect light like the rest of the replicants(although I can't remember where Zhora and Leon's eyes reflect, the rest of them do). I got a two for one on this because Rachel's are also reflecting in that scene. The only thing I regret about this is the fact that I had a really hard time trying to show how Deckard is blurred in the background while Rachel's face is in clear focus. I think I could have done it better.

One thing of note in this picture is that I think I did this more than 2 years ago. I remember showing this batshit insane girl I was trying to date at the time. She was really good looking but she was so crazy that I was just the first of several people who swore never to talk to her again. And that was december of 2005. I remember writing that screenplay(the one I quoted from a few posts down) a few days after I made the decision to not have anything to do with her. The point of all this is I think it predates when I started using my drybrush technique regularly. So it has a completely anal line style that I no longer do. I think I was using crowquill pens on everything except for the blocks of black.

I obviously love the movie if I had this laying around for no reason two years ago.

I'll have a review of the Final Cut tomorrow. I saw it last night but I want it to have it's own post.

Whenever you need the old Blade Runner magic,

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