Dec 17, 2007

Blade Runner Day 16, Too Bad She Won't Live

One of the things that sold me on Blade Runner was the philosophical lines in the movie. One of my favorite ever, in this or any movie was "Too bad she won't live. Then again, who does?". It was such a great end to the anti climactic scene(anti climactic was the best ending to that scene, so I mean that in a good way). I remember my dad and I would quote that constantly when I was a little kid.

I know I'm late on this post but I decided to try to live life despite the horrible haircut. I watched I Am Legend with Mendoza. He hated it. I though it was 2/3 of a great I Am Legend movie. I think I'll review it another time. We both read the book so we were very critical(I though a much closer to the book last 1/3 would have made it great, legendary, but the fact they always change it makes these movies always lose their luster while the book does not. Just follow the name fuckheads and maybe you'll have something that can endure as long as the book has).

Gaff keeps being cool(perhaps the coolest Puerto Rican aside from Benny From The Bronx in Carlito's Way, I'm Puerto Rican by the way, and most of "our" stars suck ass big time).

I drew this on 2 ply Bristol Board with Ink, White Paint, Gesso, mostly on my fingers(that is where those round white marks comes from) and I scraped a razor blade across it to get the rain effect with dry brush but it wasn't looking good and it would inevitably look too dark. So I did as the spanish artists of the seventies did and scraped at it with a razor blade(seriously, just check out any Vampirella comic or Eerie story that had spanish artists).

I'll post another pic today to catch up.


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