Dec 8, 2007

Blade Runner Day 7 1/2, Deckard Sky

Yeah I know I'm a day late. That's why it says 1/2 up there. I took my time on this one. I wet the whole thing, painted it, and then painted it again, and then again, and then with white paint. Not as spectacular as it all sounds and the scan sapped all the color out of it. I need a new scanner. Maybe it was the photoshop save for web thing that sapped it. It looks better in real life.

I was trying for those scenes when he is in the spinner and the dirty sky is reflecting in the lights on his face. Or when he is up against all that neon. One of those things anyway.

The Beaver Boys recently had to go to the hospital because their shrimp and white wine levels were not correct. Here's hoping them the best and I hope they recover soon.


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