Dec 3, 2007

Blade Runner Day 4, Rachel

I just finished this painting and feel it was a failure. Although looking at it from a distance makes me like it. Yeah, she's smiling. I wanted Rachel to smile for once. Sue me. I drew it in pencil and painted it in watercolor. This measure like 5X7 inches. About that much. It is pretty small.

I still have like seven half finished Blade Runner pieces. Hopefully I can finish them in time to post everyday. I'll still post 25 no matter what. I decided to make a new painting instead of posting what I had because I was going to post a small one with a special guest's tomorrow.

Is it time to say how much I'm in love with either of the Dechanel sisters. Zooey Deschanel and her sister Emily Deschanel are so cute and hot it tickles. They are shiny like crystal(old post inside joke). Plus they are sure to never go out with Lees(at least in real life).

I got a laugh from an MSN headline, "Has Yeti Returned To Mount Everest". The funny part is how it takes for granted whether a Yeti exists or not. I wish I lived my life like that.

Was drinking white wine while watching the Beaver Boys. Of course that is appropriate since their favorite things is shrimp and white wine. My favorite dance moves of theirs are Corwin's Crouch and Pestel Press. I do regret not having shrimp while watching though. Also Doctor Steve Brule's Last Resort Fighting technique is probably the best Doctor Steve Brule episode ever.


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cm said...

Day 4!

If you haven't started one yet, can you do one with a police car flying over the city?