Dec 3, 2007

Blade Runner Day 3, Deckard

I watched Blade Runner : The Final Cut the other night. I guess I don't really have too much to say about it. I loved it. I finally felt that the unicorn sequence worked. The new shots were great. Zhora running through that glass in the old version was the only thing I disliked about the movie and they fixed it so I was very happy. Also the dove going up into the blue sky I always kind of liked but it didn't look like it was in the same place and they fixed it with a whole new background. They added a scene with strippers in hockey masks which seems to foreshadow horror for the next two decades.

It was very nice to see Harrison Ford on the big screen looking and acting as cool as he used to. And Rutger Hauer is just a god in the movie. He is a force of nature. His moods changing on a beat. You can see why he is the leader of the replicants. He is just magnetic. In a side note I recently showed my friend Taylor that he wasn't just a one hit wonder. In the Hitcher he is so fucking scary and weird. I think I was kind of going for that in my own movie with the villain. Plus another of my favorite movies Flesh And Blood he pretty much thoroughly defiles Jennifer Jason Leigh(thus the movie helped get me through puberty) while being a mercenary during the middle ages and the bubonic plague.

And god, Rachel on the big screen is like the best thing that ever happened to me. Okay, I got a goth fetish(and people who know me, know I really go crazy about goth girls who look like Rachel). She looks like a statue. Like her skin is too perfect to be real.

My only complaint, and it's a weird one coming from me are the somewhat repeated FX shots. Before people started doing science fiction movies a lot those shots were a precious commodity. Now we see cool future cities everyday. So showing the exact same shot is over kill. Again, I stress that this applies to 2007. Not 1992 when they added the extra city scenes. Once or even twice is fine. Three or four is a little much. Of course my problem might just stem from watching the movie several times a year for the last 25 years.

This is my favorite Blade Runner piece I've done. I drew it at 24 hour Starbucks(which is no longer 24 hours) a few weeks ago. I inked it over the weeks and painted it while Taylor wrote his screenplay. I know there really isn't any resemblance to Harrison Ford but I didn't have any access to pictures at the time and I feel it gets the point across. I may possible paint some highlights in the hair because it seems a little detailess the way it currently is. I actually did this one fairly fast. Just over a long period of time. I really like it and it is probably the best thing I've drawn on tinted paper so far.

I also have to mention my framed Final Cut poster I got for free at San Diego Comicon. I saw Ridley Scott, Syd Mead, Rachel, Zhora, Tyrell(who I really though was dead so I was very pleasantly surprised) and James Hong among others. James Hong was so fucking funny it was incredible. Ridley Scott was the opposite. Dead serious. He is one of my all time favorite directors(either number two or three after Scorcese). And he is so awesome I have no idea how he can be so dark. Anyway, awesome.

I guess I had more to say about it than I thought.


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