Dec 20, 2007

Blade Runner Day 20, J. F. Sebastian

Another tragic character(maybe they all are) is J. F. Sebastian. The toymaker, and replicant maker who finds more camaraderie in the artificial world around him than in anyone real. Deckard and him never even meet. Looking back it seems like it, but the only time he tries to meet J. F., he's already dead. I remember a while when I missed that comment and thought that Sebastian somehow made it. The Final Cut made it really clear in an added bit of dialogue from Roy Batty.

Sebastian is seduced, used, and eventually killed. You want what's best for the young man. He's only 25, looks way older than he actually is, has no friends, and this beautiful girl, Pris, comes along and moves in. You can't blame him if you ever saw Daryl Hannah in that threesome movie in Greece(I think anyone would get in a threesome in Greece, just like anyone will cheat on their husband in France). He has his endearing toy companions and a bunch of fun devices all strewn around his apartment. Poor guy. Breaks your heart.

I was going to paint this and I think I still will if I find time. It was never meant to be an inked piece. It was supposed to be a very detailed dark painting of Sebastian and his favorite companions. I forgot their names. I'll have to look them up. I know they had names in the book(and Sebastian was alive in the book, but then again so was Tyrell's hot niece, who Rachel was based on).

I'll paint it soon. I get to finally go to a party in my home town for once, instead of having to go to Oakland or San Francisco or Berkeley. So I'm leaving here early.

This also make the most posts we've ever done on this site. And it means I only have like 5 more posts this month.


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