Dec 14, 2007

Blade Runner Day 14, Holden

This arrogant dude gets it pretty hard in the first few minutes. Leon shoots him after losing it over the Voight-Kampff test. A great scene. I don't remember if it was in the book(When Rachel takes the test it is practically word for word in the book, even though the rest of the movie is very different). Anyway, Holden is very interesting. The way they talk about him in the rest of the movie. The way he goes about being a Blade Runner. His office in the pyramid(I think it was a temporary one to trick the replicants but who knows). Later on Deckard even acknowledges how good he is. It's pretty obvious that Gaff is a kick ass Blade Runner but he's hobbling around town with another cop looking to hire Deckard who is a replicant(at least in later version). Interesting.

There is a deleted scene I have seen on the internet where Deckard is talking to Holden who is in an iron lung. I guess they were friends. Bryant even says he's doing good as long as you don't unplug him. That's dry police humor for you(for more of that watch the best drama ever on tv, The Wire). I'm sure that the deleted scene will be on the new dvd.

I drew this in my Windpower(the name of the brand) sketchbook. Used dry brush and a little bit of crow quill. I got to do those noirish blinds that I am so fond of and was so jealous of when Taylor drew them in his Kiss post earlier.

And here is a Batman drawing I did for the hell of it. I hadn't drawn him in more than a month so I had some pent up bat to get out. Nothing to do with Blade Runner but it made me feel good so who cares.

This commercial for Walk Hard done by Judd Apatow and his buddies is Hilarious. 2 minutes in one of the guys loses it pretty bad.

Doing good as long as no one unplugs me,

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