Dec 5, 2007

Blade Runner Day 5, The Kiss, Pris

This first piece is by my friend and fellow director Taylor Wansley. He lit my movie. His own movie is the best no budget movie I've ever seen. And we crossed the country together in a station wagon. He did this on a Wacom tablet on his Mac. I think he used photoshop to paint it. I really need to take this up. I barely use my Wacom now a days. This is the moment that Deckard slams Rachel against the shades and kisses her. It's hot and weird and awesome. My favorite thing, and something I've personally struggled with so many times in the past are the light beams through the slats. How they fall on Deckard's face and especially how they reflect in Rachel's hair is amazing. I don't think I've ever gotten that effect right.

I get jealous of Taylor for how good he is. The guy doesn't draw for months to years and then just pops out a masterpiece. He is left handed and all the left handed artists I've met were naturals. I took years of study on an almost daily basis and he just sits down and does it. He gets what he wants while I search for a finished stage.

I drew Pris. This is not my favorite but it may be a case of still being down because it looked much worse for the first 90% of it. I polished a turd. Now it's nice and shiny, but I still see the turd underneath whether it is there or not. I didn't plan on inking it at all but it needed it badly. But I didn't want to put my favorites up against one of my friends. So he gets best in show today.

Now I got to get Mendoza to do a Blade Runner Day sketch.


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Chris Mendoza said...

The Wand and Riv. Nice stuff! I'd better go see The Final Cut, so I can get in on this...