Dec 15, 2007

Blade Runner Day 15, Spinner over LA/Suffer Beast

You'd think I had something poetic to say about my current favorite Blade Runner picture I did. But no, some Suffer Beast of a woman destroyed my nappy head with her clippers. I went in to get a hair cut, or to be more precise, a trim. I'm talking about cut the back and sides just a tad bit shorter. Don't touch the top, I'm growing it out. No need to get any thing bladed near the top of my head. The apex of the dome must remain unsullied and guess what? Guess what she fuckin' does? She starts at the fucking front, cuts off about an inch. An inch, you say? How bad is an inch? You know what? Not very fucking bad. But you see, that's where the Suffer Beast really did her magic. I was distracted by her cutting an inch off of what I was trying to grow. I didn't notice that she literally shaved the back of my head into a brand new hairline. I'm talking where the back of my hair stops growing, she shaved an inch HIGHER than that. You know how they do that cute little thing where they trim it around the ears, just a tad. Just that small little millimeter. Well she goes ahead and does a clear cut around my ear widening to that inch up on the back. I look like a missionary here. Not like funny missionary position, I'm talkin' missionary killing indians with conquistadors because they won't convert. Or I look like one of those dudes who lets snakes bite him for Jesus. I look like I sell real estate in Detroit, okay. It's funny because aside from those things the hair cut ain't that bad. But aside from those things I'd be making a million dollars and have women on my jock like a modern day Conan. I was gonna cut off those stupid ass sideburns but now thats the only thing to distract from the shitty thing happening behind them.

I was SUPPOSED to go out with that girl. I was SUPPOSED to go see like three movies this weekend. No way am I going to let any woman see me like this. No way will I see the girl. No way will I see a movie. Now I am going to stay inside my house with a beanie, my flask, and my samurai sword in Seppuku position all weekend.

I said to myself, just take it to Supercuts, it's simple and fast. No production just plain bullshit is over haircut time. Avoid the other girl I like who could give me a kick ass haircut for cheap and I would have had the quality of her company. Why would I want that?

To quote Scotty in Boogie Nights: "I'm a fuggin' idiot. I'm a fuggin' idiot. Fuggin' idiot, fuggin' idiot, fuggin' idiot..."

Yeah, I drew this with ink, white paint, red paint, blue paint on blue paper and that is the millennium falcon and I did this pre Suffer Beast before my life sucked for days.

Now I will take the sleep of ages. For the world enters a new dark age at the hands of the Suffer Beast.


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